The history of the Grillo Paper Production

Paper production for the papermaking industry

paper production

Our paper production facility, which operates in its current position since 1936, is the continuation of the production facilities of card companies managed by the Grillo family, dating from the eighteenth and nineteenth century and which used to be located at various sites along our valley.


In 1961, the facilities, up till then run by Enrico Grillo, pass to his sons Giuseppe and Domenico. In turn, in 1970, they make a major investment in the expansion of the facilities and install new "continuous paper mill" designed by Engineer Giuselle Grillo. This was the start of the family's history in the production of white and coloured MG paper for printing and other technical uses.

In 1983 and 1984 the facilities became linked with the adjacent industrial land, with the construction of a major road bridge passable by trucks, and a storage warehouse for raw materials and finished products.


Nowadays, rapid development of production technologies and continuously rising quality standards of the market demand a continued commitment to upgrading the machinery, to increasing the productivity, and to improving the quality of the product. Currently, our production facility boasts a total area of ​​approximately 18,000 sqm and about 55,000 m³ of covered areas. This includes the paste preparation area, production, sheet and reel area, raw materials/finished products warehouses, mechanical workshops and internal commercial/administrative offices.

Today, our company is managed by Enrico, Alberto, Enrica and Riccardo Grillo - the children Giuseppe and Domenico.


Very soon we will begin the construction of a new warehouse for the storage of raw materials and finished products: a first step for the next generation of the Grillo family to lead the paper production ahead, in the new, post-crisis market.

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