Production Line

Our paper production knows the importance of guaranteeing our clients the consistent quality standards expected of the many types of products that form our range. To achieve this important goal every department of the production line has been computerised, starting from weighing and registration of the raw materials, through to control parameters of fibre refining and its cleaning systems, and to the five stages centrifugation of the paste (cleaners) in the lead car. The continuous paper production machine is equipped with 4 bridges control which transmit in real time to a central computer the data on weight, moisture and thickness detected in the subsequent sections of the machine, starting from the headbox and gradually to the dryer section, then to the Yankee dryer section and all the way to the roller machine at the end of the line. Recently we have also inaugurated a control bridge with 8 cameras that can detect and record in real time the sheet formation, small flaws, stains, and any lack of transparency of the fibre.


Our paper rolling line comprises two reeling machines (one of which is very modern and has just been installed) connected to an automatic packaging, weighing and labelling system.

The sheet paper production line is provided with a station for packaging that includes a fully automated gas oven that allows to wrap pallets of paper with thermo-shrink polyethylene to protect the ready paper product from any possible shocks.

production line, paper reel
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