Production quality

Our paper production offers white and coloured MG paper suitable for flexographic printing, gravure and offset.


Our production and sales flows are organised to permit maximum flexibility and thus closely follow our clients' needs. We produce a very braod range of paper weights and surface areas, ranging from 45 gr / sqm to 160 gr / sqm.


Our products come in different types, materials, prices and quality levels. Some are intended for covering outsized mailers.


Other types of paper, that have greater mechanical strength, are intended for paper bags-making, with handles and various sizes, used at supermarkets, clothing stores and so forth. Finally, we also offer papers of varying texture and colour for bag manufacturers, printing paper overlay of shoe boxes, paper for poster, papers for coverage of shirt packaging, printing papers for coverage of classifiers, paper to be combined with cardboard, aluminum, cellophane, polythene, and for other varied industrial uses.


We also have experience in offering customised types of paper for special uses. For non-standard types we ask a minimum order quantity of 25 tons.

paper wholesale


Grillo Paper Production has always striven to safeguard the environment! Each year we set aside and invest a certain amount in order to remain competitive as well as to safeguard the valuable resources such as water, energy and raw materials. We work to ensure that our production activities are as environmentally friendly as possible!

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